Colleges and Institutes Canada

Engaging with key policymakers

Every year, we organize several events focused on advocacy that allow leaders from colleges and institutes to engage directly with key policymakers. Among this year’s highlights:

  • We collaborated with Employment and Social Development Canada to organize a consultation meeting on May 27, 2016, with members of our Board of Directors and the Industry-College Coalition to advise on a framework for work-integrated learning.
  • Over 50 Presidents/CEOs and their government relations advisors joined us in Ottawa for CICan’s first Fall Leaders Forum on October 3-4. The event included a reception on Parliament Hill that attracted over 125 people including many Senators and MPs as well as a series of round tables with parliamentarians and senior public servants.
  • Additionally, our President and CEO Denise Amyot, as well as our vice-president, Government Relations and Canadian Partnerships, Christine Trauttmansdorff, took part in many meetings with government officials throughout the year, including a meeting with the liberal Innovation and Post-Secondary Education Caucus on April 18.