Colleges and Institutes Canada

Collaborating with Canadian partners

  • We continued our work with the Mental Health Commission of Canada, as well as Universities Canada, in an effort to create a new Mental Health Standard for postsecondary students. As part of this effort, we created CICan’s Advisory Committee on Student Mental Health.
  • CICan also received funding from the McConnell Foundation to support our work on social and economic inclusion. This three-year, $600,000 initiative, will build on proposals gathered through a series of workshops involving over 50 CICan member CEOs and senior leaders.
  • On October 30, we signed an agreement with Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) for the design and implementation of a new multi-year work integrated learning (WIL) program.
  • March 1 marked the start of an agreement with Health Canada to develop teaching material for culinary programs that supports reduced sodium intake.
  • 2019 also saw the successful conclusion of our ground-breaking Essential Skills Social Finance (ESSF) pilot project.