Letter from the CEO and Board Chair

The past year was one of reflection as we imagined the future of our organization. With our strategic plan 2013-2019 coming to an end, we embarked on perhaps the most ambitious consultation in our association’s history to chart our course for the next five years.

Our Imagine the Future campaign took us online and across the country to meet with members, partners, staff, and key stakeholders in order to discuss the future of colleges and institutes, and the role of CICan as their national voice. Throughout this ambitious process, our team heard from hundreds of people.

This period of reflection took place as post-secondary leaders everywhere try to anticipate what the future of work and learning might look like, as new, potentially disruptive, technologies emerge. No shortage of ink was spilled on the topic in the past few years, but we are arriving at a point where actions are starting to take shape.

It’s no surprise then that in March, the federal government introduced a “skills budget”, perhaps the most college-friendly federal budget we have seen in years.

This only validates that the value proposition of colleges and institutes resonates across the country and is stronger than ever. As we look to the future of CICan and its members, we firmly believe that the best is yet to come!

Denise Amyot
President and CEO, CICan

Michel Tarko
Board Chair, CICan
President and CEO, Justice Institute of British Columbia