Building internal capacity

With so many new projects, this was a year of significant growth for us as an association and many new positions had to be created. In total, our staff increased by 45% over the past fiscal year. As our team continued to grow, we launched several important internal projects to build capacity and better serve our members.

Continuing work that began in 2019 to develop competency profiles and the launch of core competencies for CICan as a whole, our HR department developed a list of competencies for all Job Families across the association, along with streamlined definitions for each. These were shared with staff in March and will help improve our talent management process by measuring performance expectations based on established standards.

In addition to a broad reflection on the future of CICan and the college system prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic, we also worked with a communications agency and embarked on a consultation with members stakeholders to develop an overarching narrative to better position our association and our members.