Colleges and Institutes Canada

Sharing key information in a time of crisis

The first few months of the pandemic were characterized by rapid change with new policies and interventions announced at breakneck speed to match the evolving landscape. It could be hard to keep up, which is why we quickly launched several initiatives to facilitate information sharing within our broader network.

  • From the beginning of the pandemic, we created a new section on our website which was regularly updated to share details about new policies and decisions that affected our members.
  • We increased the number of virtual offerings, including webinars and workshops for our members, partners and stakeholder. This included project specific updates and broader discussions on issues affecting all colleges and institutes, as well as weekly webinars for our members giving them access to decision makers and the latest news on priority topics.
  • We also instituted regular meetings with the leadership teams of our member institutions, including our President Leadership Network, as well as regular updates with our regional counterparts across the country, and with the broader group of post-secondary stakeholders.