Colleges and Institutes Canada

Letter from CEO and board chair

It’s already been two years since the start of the pandemic, and in that time, we’ve seen continued calls for social and racial justice, soaring costs of living and record inflation, and some of the largest humanitarian crises in decades. As we continue to learn and adapt, we are faced with a unique set challenges and opportunities.

Canada needs leadership and colleges and institutes are stepping up to futureproof their communities. They continue to redesign programs and delivery methods to meet evolving conditions and workforce needs, and to ensure that more Canadians are given the chance to meaningfully contribute to a more prosperous future. That’s what it means to be future-proof:  we are ready for any and all challenges that might arise. And with the largest post-secondary footprint in the country, our collective impact is unmatched.

January of this year marked our 50th anniversary as a national association, advocate, and leader in the post-secondary sector. From humble beginnings with a dedicated staff of three, we’ve grown in every possible way! In this year alone, we’ve experienced record growth: more staff members, more projects and funding, more members and associates than ever before in our history, and more ways to connect and share through a record number of advisory committees, networks, and communities of practice.

In celebrating throughout 2022, we are also using this milestone as an opportunity to reflect of the past impact we have had and reimagine the way forward. As an employer, that means reimagining what work life looks like at CICan, and we were excited this past year to officially implement a truly hybrid work policy. We’re also deeply committed to integrating the Sustainable Development Goals and the principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion across everything we do. These are strategic elements that will allow us to continue serving our members in innovative ways, with exponential impact!

If we’ve learned anything in recent times, it’s that the future is unpredictable. Still, we can try to plan for what we know and prepare for what we don’t. Colleges and institutes anticipate the needs of our economy, then train, upskill, and reskill thinkers and doers. They are vital to making Canada future-proof. As always, it’s a privilege to be their national representative.

Denise Amyot
President and CEO

Dr. Paula Burns
Board Chair