Taking international education in a new direction

The world is a very different place than it was only two years ago. This year, we laid out a plan to restructure and strategically organize the way we approach international education and development. Our new three-year International Strategy will futureproof the Canadian college and institute network through internationalization and global engagement.

Based on three pillars, the strategy will support CICan members as they pursue new opportunities in international education. It will enhance outbound student mobility and help Canadian students develop highly sought-after global skills, diversify student recruitment, improve pathways in Canada for international students, and strengthen international cooperation with new models for business development.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to have devastating social and economic impacts on many countries around the world. With our members we work tirelessly to respond to the needs of the world’s most vulnerable people, particularly women and girls, through our international projects. This year we signed four new contribution agreements to expand our international work in key areas (in Kenya, Senegal, and Tanzania).

  • This year, we operated 13 international projects in 16 countries.
  • Over 60 members participated.

On diversifying student recruitment, we are already actively working with partners around the world to strengthen and expand Canada-brand education. Most recently, we coordinated a virtual marketing and recruitment mission with trade commissioners in Southeast Asia during which 20 CICan member institutions participated in nearly 700 one-on-one meetings with pre-selected education agents!

Our events meet ever-increasing demand for Canadian college and institute education around the world.