Colleges and Institutes Canada

Advancing Student Mobility and International Recruitment

As part of our effort to facilitate student mobility and the recruitment of international students, we develop college-specific missions and sector-wide initiatives in collaboration with industry stakeholders to promote Canada’s colleges and institutes internationally and build partnerships abroad. Over the past year, CICan hosted two virtual student fairs. Our Pacific Alliance fair targeted Chile, Peru, Colombia, and Mexico, attracting nearly 1500 student attendees and 17 member institutions. The Francophone Africa fair drew over 2000 students from Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Senegal, Tunisia, and Morocco, with ten member institutions participating. Later in the year, we then organized an in-person business-to-business event in Nepal, where 15 institutions from Canada met with select agents from Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka, expanding their reach in South Asia.

We also held partnership development missions in Madrid and the Basque region, Spain (June 2022), Abu Dhabi, UAE (Feb 2023), and Tra Vinh, Vietnam (March 2023) that featured 28 different member institutions and more than 50 individuals. Several agreements were signed with agents as part of these missions, while others formalized partnerships to support postsecondary program development in the region.