Colleges and Institutes Canada

Letter from CEO and board chair

We are delighted to present our 2022-23 annual report, which reflects on the remarkable achievements and progress that Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan) and our members have made over the past year.

This annual report is particularly significant as it marks my final term as President and CEO of CICan, as announced earlier this year. I want to take this occasion to thank my staff, our board, our members and stakeholders for all their support over the last ten years. Leaving an organization so important for the college and institute system provides an opportunity to reflect on our recent achievements and the ongoing initiatives shaping Canada’s college and institute sector.

This past year reminded us that change is inevitable. Change is constant. And, without change, there is no progress. In our case, the swift and relentless pace of change taking place worldwide ushered in an unforgettable period of triumphs and new adventures.

We started the year with a series of events commemorating our 50th anniversary, including launching a special edition podcast and website. The launch of new programs and the success of our first-ever hybrid conference, Navigating Anew, continued to propel us forward. And, as the year drew to a close, we were given even more reason to celebrate as we were named one of the National Capital Region’s Top Employers for 2023.

Amidst these achievements, CICan and our members continued to demonstrate their resilience in the post-pandemic landscape, consisting of rapid technological advancements, economic uncertainty and shifting societal demands. We stayed true to our values and embraced these challenges as a catalyst for growth. Working closely with our members, CICan responded to labour-market demands by launching targeted programs focused on training new workers and developing the skills of newcomers. And we continued to address concerted calls for sustainability efforts by sharing new and improved sustainability resources, including an updated SDG toolkit and a new report on colleges’ and institutes’ role in addressing climate change.

Our progress as an organization and a system would not be possible without our members‘ unwavering commitment to growth and innovation. We applaud their dedication and have eagerly supported them through capacity-building and knowledge-sharing initiatives over the past year.

Lastly, as we celebrate the past year’s achievements, let us also recognize the immense potential that lies ahead. The world will continue to change at an accelerated pace. But, with a collective effort and a shared vision, we will continue to embrace change, rise to new demands, and leverage challenges as opportunities for growth.

Our heartfelt appreciation to our dedicated members, partners, board, and staff, and everyone who has contributed to our vision of creating better futures for people, community and the planet.

Denise Amyot
President and CEO
Peter Devlin
Board Chair

CICan by the numbers

  • 140 members & 16 associates
  • 152 staff with a 44% gender parity and 31% significant representation
  • 16 Canadian projects
  • 11 international projects
  • 40 countries where projects are delivered
  • 10 project funders
  • $474M total value of CICan’s portfolio, an increase of 14% since March 31, 2022

CICan recognition

  • Canadian Nonprofit Employer of Choice Award in 2022;
  • Top employer in the national capital region for 2023
  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management standard certified
  • Gold performance rating on the CSA Group’s ESG and SDGs Standard for Association
  • World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnics (WFCP)’s Awards of Excellence’s Gold award in the Sustainable Development Goals category in 2022