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Embracing Evolution Within

This past year marked a period of significant transformation for CICan, highlighted by the departure of our long-standing CEO and the arrival of a new leader, Pari Johnston. From day one, Pari has infused our work with a reinvigorating energy and a reimagined vision. Her dynamic leadership has already made a noticeable impact, inspiring both staff and members with its potential. Under her guidance, we started refining our narrative and enhancing policy and program integration to boost organizational effectiveness and drive greater external impact, positioning our members as key partners in Canada’s long-term national agenda.

Throughout this period of transformation, CICan engaged over 75% of its members across numerous projects. The conclusion of several key workforce development initiatives, such as Supporting Those Who Serve, Green Pathways for Small Communities, Skills Compass and Skills Enhancement for Newcomers in 2023-24, marked another significant change for the organization but allowed us the time to pause, reflect and refine ongoing efforts. If one thing remains unchanged, it’s our focus on fostering greater integration within our work to maximize impact.