Renewed & Shared Purpose

The past year has been a whirlwind for CICan and the broader Canadian postsecondary landscape. With change becoming the new normal, CICan has reinforced its commitment to agility—a defining quality of the college and institute sector. This agility, both ours and the sector’s, has been particularly evident over the past year. Our goal has been to ensure colleges and institutes remain well-prepared and recognized as vital solution providers for Canada’s economic, environmental, and societal challenges.

Amid evolving external challenges such as Canada’s struggles with housing, productivity, and the escalating impacts of climate change, CICan itself underwent significant internal transformation. These external challenges and internal changes inspired us to navigate the year with a renewed spirit of adaptability and innovation. The key question we repeatedly asked ourselves: how can we turn these challenges into opportunities for greater impact? The answer emerged in the form of a renewed focus and shared purpose, marked by greater intentionality, integration, and impact.