Colleges and Institutes Canada

New praise for our international projects

Throughout the year, we continued to receive praise for our ongoing international projects in Latin America, Africa, and the Caribbean. We are very pleased to report that our Youth Skills Development Programme in the Caribbean, in partnership with the UK Department for International Development (DFID), received an A+ evaluation this year. Learn More

Promoting peace and sustainability with UNESCO-UNEVOC

We continue to serve as the the pan-Canadian UNESCO-UNEVOC Centre and the lead for the North American cluster of UNEVOC centers. We were therefore actively involved in the Week for Peace and Sustainable Development special conference which was hosted in Ottawa the first week of March. Roughly 400 delegates from around the world participated, including … Continued

Building on our success in Central and South America

With the EFE Andes program soon coming to an end, we were able to secure new partnerships in Latin America that will ensure Canadian colleges and institutes continue to support education in the region. The Pacific Alliance program will provide a framework for new partnerships in Chile, Mexico, Peru and Colombia to provide training support … Continued

Bringing Education for Employment to Kenya

This year we continued to build on our proven Education for Employment (EFE) approach with the addition of a new program in Kenya, in partnership with the nation’s Ministry of Education. Launched in November, the Kenya Education for Employment Program (KEFEP) is a five-year initiative that will work with national polytechnics across Kenya to develop new … Continued

Working hand in hand with other associations

Throughout 2016-2017 we worked closely with organizations who share our priorities and promote the value of post-secondary education in creating a healthy and prosperous Canadian society. We contributed to a number of initiatives and working groups, including the Business Higher Education Roundtable, the Rideau Hall Foundation, the ICTC Canadian Leadership Task Force on Education and … Continued

Supporting fiscal literacy

We worked with four members – Holland College, Confederation College, Douglas College and Centennial College – to assist the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada in evaluating updated activities and examples from their Your Financial Toolkit workshop. This was an opportunity for our members to provide financial literacy training to their students. Eight workshops were conducted … Continued

Providing internships in the green economy

The CICan Clean Tech Internship program filled its 2016-2017 quota of interns, matching 138 graduates of STEM programs with employers working in environmental and clean technology. The two year pilot program was so successful that it was approved for an additional two years of funding – applications are now open for the 2017-2018 program. Learn … Continued

Social finance in support of essential skills

Our groundbreaking Essential Skills Social Finance project moved forward this year as the government of Canada, private investors, and colleges and institutes achieved an important milestone in September 2016 to mobilize social financing to fund essential skills training for underemployed Canadians. Since then, three cohorts of unemployed Canadians have benefited from the pilot project and … Continued


We are always working to provide opportunities for our members to work with domestic and international partners in order to foster and advance the strengths of Canada’s college and institute system. With ongoing projects around the world, we were able to create new opportunities for our members thanks to innovative partnerships, both at home and … Continued