Colleges and Institutes Canada

Reporting on Green Skills and Sustainable Economic Growth

Given the increasing demand for green skills in a variety of sectors, and for education that is focused on sustainable development, both at home and abroad, CICan commissioned a comprehensive report on the topic. Titled Green Skills for Sustainable Economic Growth, the report released in September examines the capacity of Canadian colleges and institutes to … Continued

Tracking progress in Applied research

With innovation a key priority for the federal government, CICan is more focused than ever on promoting colleges and institutes’ critical role in applied research. On May 18, we launched the results of our 2014-2015 applied research survey during a Hill Times event in Ottawa. The study shows that applied research continues to grow on … Continued

Analyzing the role and impact of Program Advisory Committees

Following a roundtable on work-integrated learning with Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC), CICan commissioned a study to provide further insights into the functioning and influence of Program Advisory Committees (PACs). Prepared by Knowledge in Power Consulting Inc., the study on Academic-Employer Connections in Colleges and Institutes was submitted to ESDC in November. It provides … Continued

A closer look at the value of colleges and institutes

On October 5, we shared the findings of an exclusive report by EMSI on the economic impact of colleges and institutes during an iPolitics Live Event in Ottawa. The study concluded that these institutions, along with the people they have trained, added over $191.2 billion to Canada’s economy in 2014-2015, including $1.6 billion generated by … Continued


We are proud to serve as Canada’s knowledge hub on the college and institute system, gathering data and producing studies to both support our advocacy efforts and improve understanding of the Canadian post-secondary sector. This helps us respond to the priority interests of members as well as domestic and international stakeholders.