Colleges and Institutes Canada

Providing environmental analysis on colleges and institutes

In April we delivered an environmental scan of college and institute construction and renovation programs in order to inform the preparation of Natural Resources Canada’s new model building code. The study presented an overview of programs offered across the country and identified best practices, as well as existing gaps. This was a first for us, … Continued

Connecting with members and stakeholders

Over the past year we implemented a customer relationship management system using Microsoft Dynamics software. CIConnex not only helps us improve communications with members and stakeholders, but also allows us to collect high-quality information to help us adopt a data-driven engagement strategy.

Mapping out the college and institute system

This year we worked to gather data about the Canadian college and institute system in order to paint a more precise picture of its reach and contributions to Canada’s key economic sectors. Over 95% of Canadians, including 86% of Indigenous people, live within 50km of a college or institute location. view map

Researching emerging international markets

With financial support from Global Affairs Canada through the Global Opportunities for Associations (GOA) Program, we undertook a substantial research project on emerging markets for international student recruitment to Canadian colleges and institutes. Published in March, this work provides members with valuable insights and strategies to capitalize on emerging trends and opportunities in support of international … Continued

Anticipating the future of work and learning

This year we worked with D2L, a global learning technology leader, to produce a Canadian version of the whitepaper  “The Future of Work & Learning in the Age of the 4th Industrial Revolution”. This exclusive paper calls for a fundamental transformation in how we think about lifelong learning and skills development in a fast-changing world. … Continued


CICan is proud to serve as Canada’s knowledge hub on the college and institute system, gathering data and producing studies to both improve understanding of the Canadian post-secondary sector and support our advocacy efforts, nationally and internationally.