Colleges and Institutes Canada

Equal access to quality education

As the labour market continues to evolve, it is more important than ever to support Canadians looking to develop their skills and to ensure that access is equitable. That’s why we launched Skills Compass, which supports Indigenous and newcomer youth who are Not in Employment, Education, or Training (NEET) in accessing education and training, wrap-around supports, and career pathways.

Unlocking Inclusive Pre-Apprenticeship Pathways, which helps those facing barriers to education – including women, Indigenous peoples, newcomers, and persons with disabilities – access tailored pre-apprenticeship training also continued this year in partnership with the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum.

And, in a new approach to essential skills, our new Mapping Skills for Success program builds on Employment and Social Development Canada’s new model for foundational skills and will prepare Canadians to succeed in the workforce, help them find jobs, and adapt to changes at work.

This year, another 20 students demonstrating financial need and facing barriers to post-secondary education were awarded bursaries through the CICan Paul and Gerri Charette Bursary Program. And, with Bird Construction Inc & Paul and Gerri Charette, we launched a brand-new bursary supporting four Indigenous students attending a college or institute!