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Productivity and Economic Growth

Productivity is the cornerstone of economic growth and stability. It serves as a defence against inflation, fostering job creation and wage growth. However, Canada has long grappled with subpar productivity levels, posing significant challenges to its economic resilience and competitiveness. In her 2024 address to the Halifax Partnership, the Senior Deputy Governor of the Bank … Continued

Climate Action

Over the past year, Canada has grappled with various climate-related challenges, from rampant wildfires in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec to escalating heatwaves and floods, each exacerbating air quality issues and causing significant damage to ecosystems and communities. These events underscore the urgent need for Canada to enhance its mitigation and adaptation efforts to … Continued

Healthcare workforce development

Canadian healthcare is undergoing significant stress. The aging population, advancements in medical technology and infectious disease outbreaks and threats are shaping the demands for healthcare services. As these demands grow, healthcare professionals face increased workloads and resource constraints. There is now an urgent need for innovative solutions, collaborative partnerships and strategic investments to ensure the … Continued

Housing & Infrastructure

Canada is grappling with a significant housing crisis. Skyrocketing housing prices and rental rates have pushed many Canadians out of the market, creating housing instability and affordability challenges, exacerbated by a lack of housing supply. Meanwhile, colleges and institutes, deeply rooted in communities with a proven track record of innovation and adaptability, have emerged as … Continued

Greater Impact in Critical Challenge Areas

Charting change involves thoroughly assessing the evolving landscape within our organization, the college and institute sector, and Canada. It involves identifying challenges and opportunities and adapting our strategies for greater impact. This reflective process has been central to CICan’s efforts over the past year. Seeing how urgent it is to tackle Canada’s big challenges, CICan … Continued