Adapting to Changes in the Policy and Global Landscape annual report"> Adapting to Changes in the Policy and Global Landscape" /> Charting Change 1 – Colleges and Institutes Canada Annual Report

Adapting to Changes in the Policy and Global Landscape

Ensuring the International Student Program’s integrity and success Throughout 2023-2024, international students were at the forefront of news media attention. Initial reports shed light on the challenges many international students face, including housing, affordability, and pathways to meaningful careers. Throughout, CICan remained resolute in our commitment to effectively collaborate with the federal government on policy … Continued

Embracing Evolution Within

This past year marked a period of significant transformation for CICan, highlighted by the departure of our long-standing CEO and the arrival of a new leader, Pari Johnston. From day one, Pari has infused our work with a reinvigorating energy and a reimagined vision. Her dynamic leadership has already made a noticeable impact, inspiring both … Continued

Renewed & Shared Purpose

The past year has been a whirlwind for CICan and the broader Canadian postsecondary landscape. With change becoming the new normal, CICan has reinforced its commitment to agility—a defining quality of the college and institute sector. This agility, both ours and the sector’s, has been particularly evident over the past year. Our goal has been … Continued