Colleges and Institutes Canada

Supporting reconciliation with Indigenous peoples

Our members across the country remain dedicated to supporting reconciliation with Indigenous peoples and are leaders in this regard. Throughout the year we added nearly a dozen colleges and institutes to the list of CICan Indigenous Education Protocol signatories, bringing us to a total of 64. We were also very proud to host our 10th … Continued

Bringing international partners together

Over the year, we also organized many events overseas along with international partners and stakeholders. This included recruitment and marketing missions for CICan members, as well as forums and meetings aimed at sharing expertise and best-practices through our different Education for Employment (EFE) programs. From October 18-21, we had the pleasure of leading a delegation … Continued

Providing learning opportunities to college and institute leaders

The 2018 CICan Leadership Institutes were more popular than ever, with an overall increase in participation across all eight institutes. This included a brand-new institute for international leaders in French last November. We also offered seven different webinars over the year on a wide variety of topics, including: Supporting International Student Transitions to Permanent Residency, … Continued

Bringing leaders together at national events

Throughout the year, CICan members had the opportunity to gather together to reflect and discuss priority issues and did so in record numbers. Overall, our Leaders Forum and Applied Research Symposium, both held in Ottawa, from November 5-6,  as well as our Indigenous Education Symposium (October 14 to 16) were incredibly well attended. In May, … Continued


CICan is dedicated to empowering members by facilitating a variety of programs and offering services that help them achieve their goals. From representing them on the international stage to providing professional development, our association is always driven by an unwavering commitment to our members.